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Josephine County Arsenic Eco-Scare

A coordinated effort by a number of persons has frightened many residents of Josephine County alleging extreme levels of arsenic in the waterways threatening their drinking water. A testing of the water, including at the alleged source of contamination, has revealed a level of arsenic classed as "Non Detectable", or less than 1 part per billion. This is well below EPA safety limits.

This page is dedicated to providing you with a description of the testing, the results, and details of the eco-scare strategy used to extract a 5 year testing contract from County Commissioners with the first year priced at $135,608.

Video: Testing the Waters

Documented Findings

Arsenic Eco Scare
(Adobe PDF 206kb)
City of Grants Pass Arsenic Study 1 - Neilson Research Corporation
(Adobe PDF 125kb)
City of Grants Pass Arsenic Study 2 - Neilson Research Corporation
(Adobe PDF 190kb)
Neilson Research Corporation - Certification
(Adobe PDF 1144kb)

This research has been performed by Josephine County residents concerned about the safety of their water supply as well as the spending of tax revenues on apparently unnecessary and exaggerated causes. This diversion of funds away from vital law enforcement needs puts the county residents in direct jeopardy and may well result in direct harm to residents who could not be protected in a timely manner.